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Greenford – SERVICES
Our Greenford minibus hire is a leading provider of transportation services in England. Residents of Greenford rely on us to help them pick up their family and friends safely from the airport. We carry them to hotels, provide reliable transportation home and stag dos and even help with days at the races. 
Enjoy Your Event 

Many of our guests ask for assistance with birthday parties and other events that involve food. These are important events which require a lot of attention to detail. Planning such occasions can be stressful and each organiser usually benefits from our help. We make arrangements for transporting guests to the event so they feel pampered before and after your party, wedding or graduation.  
You may also need to pay for parking when you hire cars or ask guests to carpool. When a single bus is used instead, you pay less for parking and other associated costs of transporting family and friends to your venue.
Several business clients need venues that provide excellent meeting facilities or avenues for recreation. There are several options to choose from in Greenford when it comes to venues for conferences, weddings and banquets. We make it easy to transport large or smaller groups to the following: 
The Black Horse 
Greenford Hall 
Saffron D’or 
The Bridge Hotel 
With our Mercedes 16 seater and Volvos, football fans have a safe way of getting to matches at the North Greenford United Football Club. If you are interested in attending a nightclub or having a few drinks at the Hare and Hounds with friends, you won’t need to select a designated driver for your evening. Our licensed chauffeurs will ensure that you travel safely to and from your destination. 
Comfortable Buses 
Some of our tours begin so early in the morning that our guests skip a meal. We can take your group to venues such as Cafe Deco, which serves great treats for breakfast. 
Our minibus hire in Greenford recommends the following eateries after a day of touring or during hours when you would have afternoon tea: 
Big Boys Cafe 
Honey Bees 
OXO Tower Restaurant 
Premier Inn London Greenford Hotel 
Call us today to ask about our services. If you already have a destination and pickup time in mind, visit our website now. Our online reservations page makes the entire process of booking our luxurious coach tours relaxing.