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Greenford Coach Tours Minibus Hire
Within the historic Middlesex county is the large suburban town of Greenford. It is located west of London town and with close proximity to Ealing, Wembley, Perivale, Yeading among other towns. During the industrial revolution, Greenford was known to hold the largest organic chemicals plant which still stands to date. Thanks to the advent of the chemical plant, Greenford became the birthplace where the first aniline dye was invented in mid-18th century. 
As Greenford Minibus Hire Company, we want to show you more of these historic sites and milestones achieved by this large suburb town. We will rent you an affordable Mercedes 16 seater or a luxurious fully serviced Ford Transit to ferry you around town getting to discover more attractions. We have been in business for years so we understand the town and its attractions thus have come up with a comprehensive coach tours package for you. 
Things to Do in Greenford 
Whether it’s designated places to relax and have fun or some of the most unique museums in England, Greenford has it all. Our minibus hire in Greenford city tour package will make sure you see the best of this west London town, and perhaps take memories and souvenirs back home with you. 
Ravenor Park 
Ravenor is notably the largest pack in town with plenty of space to host a picnic, part, ball games, relax or just walk around. Formerly, around early 19th century, the entire park was a farm whose produce were sold and the proceedings donated to the St. Mary’s Church and some of the Parishes in Greenford as tithe. Today, Ravenor is a public park accessed anytime and the building that was once the main farmhouse has now been transformed into a museum.  
London Motorcycle Museum 
It was formerly the farm house that housed all the produce harvested from the Ravenor Farm (now a public park). In the whole of London, this is the only museum with a large collection of vintage and modern motorcycles collected and displayed for visitors. It was opened at the beginning of the 20th century with only 60 exhibits to show but now boasts of over 200 exhibits. The number of staff has grown as well and every personnel are well acquainted with the motorbikes as well as memorabilia housed in the museum. It is definitely worth your visit to see some of the vintage bikes used in the 18th and 19th century. 
The Greenford Underground Station  

This is the town’s main tube station connecting it to London and other towns in the outskirts. You can explore the entire station by day getting to learn more about it and when it was first commissioned. Alternatively, buy a ticket together with your family and have a fun ride through the tube tunnels to another city for more exciting attractions. 
The Northala Hills 
These hills are located just next to Ravenor Park and you can go hiking anytime you want. The hills are actually man-made and were opened to the public in 2008. It’s about four of them, all similarly designed but with different heights. A full day is sufficient to explore all four hills or just stand from afar and admire their beauty. Go with friends and take some pictures or hike up and down the hill before calling it a day.  
The Greenfield Heritage Centre  

This is a small centre located within town that houses a number of British made paraphernalia mainly for domestic use. These artefacts were used as from the beginning of the 20th century and are a collection of items often used in English homes and gardens. Expect to see some vintage bicycles, farm tools, household cutlery and so much more as the guides take you around the Heritage centre.  
Events in Greenford 
1. The Tap Factory Concert, Beck Theatre, Hayes (22nd April 2016) 
2. Disney on Ice (The Silver Anniversary Celebrations), The SSE Arena, Wembley (13th-15th April 2016) 
3. Peppa Pig’s Surprise (Family Show), Beck Theatre, Hayes (17th-18th Sept 2016) 
4. A-MEI Utopia World Tour, The SSE Arena, Wembley (6th March 2016) 
5. Colour Conference London 2016, The SSE Arena, Wembley (28th April 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Every Greenford minibus hire couch we provide is fully serviced, insured and with a trained friendly driver behind the wheels. We source our cars from only the best vehicle brands, so expect to only see Mercedes, Ford model couches or several Volvos on our fleet. We have been in business for years thus have revised our coach tours packages to make them affordable and comprehensive for you; we just want you to see the most of Greenford and still not worry about going broke.  
For all your minibus hire in Greenford needs, visit our website today and we will pick your order and deliver a suitable minibus coach to you.